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Dear Results, Help Me Build a Business

Hey guys, it’s Josh. Before I get into this oh so awesome post I’m about to write, let’s take care of some important Team info for this week.

First, if you didn’t listen to the TNL Team Call last Thursday featuring the total ROCK STAR Rosa Santos, you missed out! The call was nothing short of incredible, and she not only inspired the heck out of me, she dropped some AMAZING tips to help you all succeed! Here is the recorded Team Call from 1/15. My suggestion is that you have a note pad and pen ready to write down some info. Oh and there will NOT be a TNL Team Call this Thursday, as I will be on a ski trip with some other Coaches.

Did you attend a Super Saturday? I sure hope so! I attended and spoke at the one in Buffalo, NY with Julie Henderson, and we had a great turnout and shared some valuable information. Here’s some of the important updates from Corporate.

  • Success Club Cruise 2016 – If you haven’t registered,  you can still get on the wait list, which I highly suggest. Keep reaching Success Club each month and there’s a good chance you will get on it.
  • Team Beachbody Cup starting in FEBRUARY! Registration is open, so make sure you find a team!
  • Beachbody On Demand – I don’t know about you all, but this has me pretty dang excited! To keep up with the ever changing technology, Beachbody has decided to start a test group (Elite Coaches) for streaming the workouts. It will be a part of the Club Membership, and you can find all the details here.
  • Military Veterans can now sign up as a Coach for FREE!
  • 21 Day Fix EXTREME will be $140 promo when launched in February.

OK, so now on to some good training stuff now that we have all the important updates out of the way. Let’s talk about results. When I first started Coaching, one of my goals was to get my results out there for the world to see. I had incredible results from P90X and knew that I could inspire many people to change, and it could be a way for people to COME TO ME. I was right. I did everything I could possibly do to get my results out there, from creating a YouTube video, posting on numerous weight loss and body building chat forums, posting my results on various fitness pages on Facebook, to even sharing them on Instagram, and because of all of the work I did in doing so, people saw my results and reached out to me for help. I was doing a lot of work reaching out to new people every day (which is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the business), but at the same time I had people coming to me as well. It was perfect.

Your results give you credibility. When someone sees your results, especially if they are very good, you instantly become a credible source of fitness and health information. Why? How many fake transformations and lose weight quick gimmicks do you see out there anymore? A ton. They’re everywhere. People know what’s going on now, and when they find a REAL success story, they are inspired, and will want someone to help them make the same changes. Who else is better than the person who posted the results? They will reach out to you for help if you don’t come across as a salesperson, which I’ll get to in a minute. Your results alone, if shared properly, can help you build a massive, massive business, but again, they have to be shared properly, which means you will have to WORK HARD to get them out there!

Tips for Sharing Results

  • Don’t be salesy. If you post your results and then say “I’m a Beachbody Coach, reach out to me for help” or “I did P90X, you can buy it for me at….” they will automatically know that you’re only posting your results to sell something. That’s not the proper way to go about it. Rather, post your results just to post your results. If you just joined a weight loss forum, for example, you can put something like, “Hey guys, I’m new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself. I’m Josh, and I’ve been working out and living healthy for about 7 years now. I’ve made some incredible changes, losing about 30 lbs, and here’s my results just to show you guys where I started and where I am now.”
  • When you post your results, it will spark conversation. Your goal is to move the conversation to Facebook as quickly as possible. Why? It’s the best and easiest way to communicate. Plus, if someone says they are inspired and need help, you don’t want some vulture from another company to come in a swoop your prospect away. Trust me, it happens. If someone needs help, tell them you would love to help, and for you guys to connect on Facebook so that you can message them.
  • You have to be good at the follow-up. Posting your pictures somewhere and never coming back is not going to help you move forward in your business. Rather, you need to stay organized with those interested and respond in a timely manner. Your response time should be NO MORE than 24 hours!
  • Use a good “before” and “after” photo. I would hope this is obvious, but I’ve seen people post their transformation pictures that show absolutely no transformation. All that’s going to do is cause a lot of haters to come out of the woodwork.
  • Put some sort of watermark on your transformation photos. We learned this the hard way. Melinda’s (my wife) results pictures were stolen by thousands of spam companies and are posted EVERYWHERE on the internet, marketing other products that she didn’t use. Use a watermark to protect your photos.
  • Create a transformation video and post it on YouTube. Make sure you use the training that we have on the training site on how to do this.
  • Facebook is a great place to share your results. Again, I would hope that this is obvious, but there are some of you Coaches who have INCREDIBLE results who have never posted them on your personal or Like Page. Yeah, that’s not good. And then there are some of you who have only posted them once. Again, not good. You can post your transformation pictures over and over and over again, but use a different part of your story each time. There’s nothing wrong with doing so, as long as you’re not posting them every day of the week. Maybe once a week or every few weeks is good enough. And posting updated results pictures is great too.
  • Share results from the people you’ve helped and your family and friends. You want even more credibility? This is the way to do so. It’s one thing to show people your results, it’s another to show people the results of people you have HELPED! When people know that you now have the ability to help someone else achieve the same results you did, they are more willing to reach out to you for help.
  • Create blog posts. Put your results and story in a blog post, and do the same when you help others achieve great results. Why? Whenever someone is thinking about making a change and purchasing a program and are maybe on the fence about it, you can send them to those blog posts to show them what’s possible with your help. It creates more credibility for you as a Coach.
  • If you have good results, put them on the back of your Beachbody business card. I usually carry one or two cards with me, and the reason is because I use those cards to show my results when I get into a conversation with someone about fitness. As soon as I start talking about fitness, I bring up P90X, show my results and create instant credibility for myself. Then they are more willing to listen to and take my advice once I give it.

So to wrap this all up, one of the best things you can do for yourself if you have great results is to share them everywhere you can possibly think of. It’s all about creating credibility. If you have any questions, you know how to reach me! Have a GREAT WEEK! Oh and I will be releasing the TNL calendar for February and posting it in the files section in the TNL group very soon. Make sure you guys check it out. I will have the dates of the all groups I will be running during the month. Remember, you all are always welcome to join.


Tips to Achieving Success as Beachbody Coach

Hey Coaches! Wait.. Before we begin…

I wanted to remind you about Super Saturday & Super Sundays this weekend! These are local corporate events that are hosted every quarter to present to us coaches (and future coaches) what will be new in the Beachbody product world and the direction we are traveling as a company. It’s an unbelievably great opportunity for you to meet other coaches in your area, learn about what’s hot and new, get a boost of motivation and learn some valuable tips from some of your local presenting coaches! Definitely a must-attend event. Looking for a Super Saturday or Super Sunday Event in your area?

Here is a link to all the available events you can attend this weekend – click here!

Now that we have that taken care of and you have a Super Saturday or Super Sunday event to attend this weekend, let’s get to the good stuff…Continue Reading

A Team of Passion

Team Next LevelHere at Team Next Level, we pride our team for having coaches who are truly passionate about helping other people! This passion for helping others in the areas of fitness and financial freedom is why we have emerged as one of the top teams in the entire Beachbody Coach network. Success in this business does not come from going out and trying to sell Beachbody product, but truly believing that what we have to offer can change lives. Once you have that mindset and approach people with the intent of impacting their lives, there is nothing stopping you from succeeding. Whether you are a new coach or veteran, always remember the reason you signed up to coach, and that’s to have a positive impact on the world!