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Submitted by Chris Balmert (11-Star Diamond)
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A Team of Passion

Team Next LevelHere at Team Next Level, we pride our team for having coaches who are truly passionate about helping other people! This passion for helping others in the areas of fitness and financial freedom is why we have emerged as one of the top teams in the entire Beachbody Coach network. Success in this business does not come from going out and trying to sell Beachbody product, but truly believing that what we have to offer can change lives. Once you have that mindset and approach people with the intent of impacting their lives, there is nothing stopping you from succeeding. Whether you are a new coach or veteran, always remember the reason you signed up to coach, and that’s to have a positive impact on the world!


A Team of Hard Workers

IMG_0427There is no going around it, this business is hard. In fact, it’s something that’s going to take a ton of hard work, sacrifice, learning from your failures, and great patience in order to succeed. The most important out of all those, though, is hard work. If you’re not willing to work hard every single day, you will move very slowly or not at all towards achieving your goals. The people who have had great success in this business have put in many hours to get where we are today, and there is nothing stopping you from getting there as well. My parents always had a saying, “If you want to be better than everyone else, you have to work harder than them,” and that saying has stuck with me to this day, and is why I won Top Beachbody Coach 2010. If you take that mindset and apply it to this business, you won’t believe where you will end up.


A Team of Integrity

TNL training eventFrom the day I signed my first coach to today, I have done my best to build a team of integrity. Integrity is something that has always been very important to my family and I, and is something that I look for in people when talking to them about the Beachbody Opportunity. In fact, there have been a few people that I have told to sign up with someone else because of their lack of integrity, and that’s something that I encourage you to do as you build your team. Honesty, trust, and passion for helping other people are all important qualities to look for in others, and it’s those type of people who will help you build a successful Beachbody business. One unethical person can be a cancer on the team, and it’s something that you need to stay away from. Be selective in who you sign up to coach, you yourself be a person of integrity, and you will have the respect of others and have a successful coaching career.